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California Free Dental Care For Seniors

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Donated Dental Services (DDS) program provides FREE DENTAL CARE FOR SENIORS IN NEED! If you are 60 years or older, have no insurance or financial means to receive dental care, you may qualify for the program. Simply print and fill out an application, mail it in, and allow us to determine your eligibility. If you qualify, we will match you with a dentist in your area who will provide free dental care! Questions or for more information contact Tahira Bazile at 1.800.CDA.SMILE (232.7645) Ext. 4971

Application: PDF Version | MS Word Version

Spanish Application: PDF Version | MS Word Version
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this company is no longer in service!
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I am 61 all of my front teeth are good, but my molars through the years came off, couldn't afford to fix, kept getting worse, not feeling pain . I think because they had root canals. But pieces have broken off. Do these Dentist just pull them out or can they be fixed or implants , not sure what I'm headed for.
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I only have 6 teeth left in my head I am 65 and have ssdi only. can anyone help me. my zip is 92627 i am 6' and 128 lbs and loosing weight fast.
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I'm a chaplain for our local police department and I donate my free time at  a men's recovery home where there is a great need for dental work, eye care etc... The problem is that none of the men there have any means of paying for dental work. What I would like to see is some dear Doctor who would be willing to render services to these men that are trying to recreate their lives and enter society with a new outlook as well as a new sense of pride in their apperance. I know the affiliated persons would be willing to offer an exchange of construction services or even a tax reciept. Please let me know if anyone knows of any programs available in the South Whittier California area or surrounding areas. I'll check this site or you can send me an e-mail to CFSC-TJ@HOTMAIL.COM

Much thanks for all your help.

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I just wanted to say that you have a lot of great information for people. Keep it up. 

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